Hardware locks flourish Industry standards need to keep up


Lock products are closely related to people's lives, an […]

Lock products are closely related to people's lives, and are hardware products that guarantee social stability and prosperity. In recent years, with the vigorous development of China's hardware market, the lock market has also taken advantage of the trend. However, at this stage, the lack and imperfection of the relevant normative system has led to chaotic market in the hardware lock industry.

In recent years, with the vigorous development of China's hardware market, the lock market has also risen, and the overall capacity of the lock market has now reached 70 billion. Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shanghai and Shandong are the concentration areas for lock manufacturers. With the opening of the market and the acceleration of the process of China's lock industry, products will be the market high ground for competition. The lock products with security, aesthetics and decoration will be in the future.

At present, the annual sales of locks in the country can reach more than 2.2 billion. The annual demand for fingerprint locks in the commercial market can reach 5 million sets, for example, for corporate finance, military police stations, office life, etc. At the same time, the demand for the civilian market is also growing. Whether it is a traditional mechanical lock, or a modern electronic lock, or even the current access control locks in high-rise buildings, the Chinese lock industry as a whole is irresistibly developing.

At this stage, not only the residents' awareness of safety, but also the introduction of relevant regulations, led to chaos in the hardware lock industry market. Although the introduction of measures to expand domestic demand eased some of the pressure caused by the financial crisis, the domestic sales of doors and windows locks were obvious. Not only is the lack of normative standards, but also there are certain problems in China's door and window lock industry. Compared with western developed countries, China's hardware lock industry is still in the low-end ranks, and the industrial chain is immature. One of the larger features is that there are many small and micro enterprises. Although this can make the market fully competitive, the phenomenon of serious homogenization still seriously hinders the development of the industry. At present, there are relatively few brands that can be recognized and known by consumers in China.

The innovation of the lock industry requires enterprises to change their concepts, change ideas based on imitation, master independent technology, increase investment in equipment, technology, research and development, and patent innovation, improve product technology content, and increase product differentiation. Enterprises should pay attention to enhance brand awareness and implement brand strategy, in order to change their own situation, seize the market share in the middle and high market, and promote the healthy and rapid development of the industry.

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