How to open the clip-type wheel lock?


Generally, it is not easy to dismantle, if it is easy t […]

Generally, it is not easy to dismantle, if it is easy to dismantle, then the wheel lock of the car will not have much effect. If you really want to remove it, you can consider the position of the lock cylinder to study it!


The wheel lock is made of all steel plates. It has many features such as anti-violence, anti-technical opening, anti-dismantling wheels, anti-duplication keyssteel Trailer lock, etc. It can lock the illegal tires conveniently and firmly, thereby effectively preventing illegal vehicles from evading punishment. At the same time, it is easy to operate and one person can It can be operated independently, which provides great convenience to the administrative department for law enforcement.

It is a polite and effective control measure by the traffic control department and the property for parking violations. At the same time, it has the characteristics of stable performance, wide lock range, safe and reasonable design, low cost, and no need for vehicle control departments to spend huge amounts of money to purchase and use trailers.

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