The knowledge of padlock,how much do you know?


Our company is a professional waterproof padlock dial c […]

Our company is a professional waterproof padlock dial combination Silver Zinc TSA locksupplier in our country. The padlocks we produce are of good quality and low price, and have won unanimous praise from peers and customers in the industry. We will also use this as an incentive to work hard and bring better experience to our customers. Now I will introduce the knowledge of padlock to you. Padlock is the oldest and largest family in the lock world. It can be said that other locks are derived from padlocks. The lock body of the padlock is provided with a ring-shaped or "one" shaped metal stem, namely a "lock beam", which can be buckled, so that the padlock is directly buckled with the lock body through the lock beam to form a closed lock.
Our company major in waterproof padlock so I want tell you how to choose good waterproof padlock and safety padlocks to you:

First, The most important thing in choosing safety padlocks is to look at the size of the factory. Generally speaking, a large-scale factory like our company has spent a lot of money and energy to make it. It will be more assured that no one will be able to smash what they have worked so hard to make. Of course, one cannot only look at appearance, but also at the state of production, the advanced level of machines and the enthusiasm of workers, all of which can reflect some important phenomena. Second, when choosing padlocks, one must also look at the appearance of the padlocks they produce. If the locks are almost identical in appearance, it is proved to be a OEM. It is better not to use them. This is an assembled lock and the quality is not guaranteed. Third, similarly, when selecting padlocks, one should also look at the process of padlocks. The surface coating of padlocks of different quality is different, and generally the difference is not small. As the saying goes, if you are not afraid of not knowing the goods, you are afraid of comparing the goods with the goods. If you rub the good lock and the bad lock together, you can tell right away that the quality produced by good manufacturers is different. Fourth, another thing is to look at the padlock chip, that is, the circuit board. Cheap padlocks need less parts to save costs, and the padlock technology in small factories is rough. The products of our company will definitely not do this. The last point is to listen to the sound of a padlock. A good padlock has low friction coefficient and low noise. A padlock of poor quality has a relatively loud friction sound, which can be said to be audible upon hearing it.

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