What are the design structures of password locks?


A code lock is a type of lock. It uses a series of numb […]

A code lock is a type of lock. It uses a series of numbers or symbols to open. The text code lock can be divided into: mechanical code lock, digital code lock and so on.
The code of the combination lock is usually just a permutation rather than a real combination. Some code locks only use a turntable to rotate several discs or cams in the lock; some code locks rotate a set of dial wheels engraved with numbers to directly drive the mechanism inside the lock.

The simplest combination lock, commonly found in bicycle locks with low security settings, uses multiple dials. Every
There is a recess in the middle of each circle. There are several protruding teeth on a shaft in the center of the lock to hold the dial ring. When the dial turns to the correct combination, the lock can be opened. This kind of lock is the easiest to open. Many of these locks can be opened without knowing the password. Unless its internal components are made flawlessly, as long as the shaft is pulled out, one of the teeth will tighten the dial ring more tightly than the others. At this time, turn the tightened dial ring until a small "click" sound is heard, indicating that the tooth has entered the correct recess. Repeat this step and you will be able to unlock the lock soon.

The combination lock used on the padlock or cassette can have only one turntable. The turntable pushes several balance discs or cams on the back. Traditionally, when opening this lock, turn the dial clockwise to the first number, then counterclockwise to the second number, and so on until the last number. There are usually recesses on the cam. When the correct code is transferred, the positions are aligned and the lock can be opened.
This kind of combination lock is more secure, but it is not without its shortcomings. For example, some password padlocks can tighten the lock head and then turn the dial until it can no longer move, so that the password can be found. There is also a specific relationship between the numbers of some turntable code locks, which greatly reduces the possibility of the combination of codes. Inexpensive combination padlocks can be opened with special linings without the use of passwords.
The structure of the combination lock used on the box is relatively strict. An experienced locksmith can rotate the turntable while using the earpiece to carefully listen to the sound of the cam inside the lock to determine the possible code.

Mechanical code locks are relatively stable, durable, and do not require power supply. However, the operation method is relatively slow to learn, the operation is inconvenient, and the password modification requires professionals.

The electronic code lock has the advantages of fast operation, simple and random modification of the code, and the lock can be unlocked only by inputting 0-9 numbers. Although the price of electronic code locks has dropped in recent years, and the quality has improved, it is not as stable and durable as mechanical codes because of its complexity.

The card-swiping code lock can use your own IC card to open the safe door. The operation is simple, but the requirements for the IC card are relatively high. If it comes in contact with a strong magnetic object, the IC card may weaken its magnetism and cannot open the code lock.

It is difficult to find the same fingerprint in this world, so fingerprint recognition technology is applied to the safe, which is highly confidential and easy to use. However, the opponent's dry and humidity requirements are stricter! The recognition of the position of the finger is also relatively dull! Even if it is the same finger, if the position before inputting the fingerprint is different from that before opening the door, the recognition may fail!

Other styles
Some door locks have a numeric keypad, and type a series of numbers in sequence when opening. This type of lock is electronically controlled and is commonly found in office rooms. The advantage is that as long as the employee is told the password, there is no need to copy the key. However, if someone tells an outsider the password, the lock becomes useless. Therefore, the password of this type of combination lock needs to be changed frequently. This kind of lock has a 3-6 digit password, which is extremely confidential.


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