What factors affect the service life of security padlocks?


When users use a tsa password padlock for briefcases, t […]

When users use a tsa password padlock for briefcases, they want it to have good performance and good service life. Only in this way can users have good satisfaction. However, there are some products in the market that don't have a better life span. Naturally, their life span is also affected by various factors. The life of this kind of product is affected by the design of manufacturer, when this kind of lock works, natural meeting has his working principle, need to let every working part undertake cooperating.

But there are also in the design of no corresponding rationality, nature in such a case, will let the life of the security padlock has a certain decline, so whether to achieve this point is very important. In addition to the above mentioned, whether it has a good life is also affected by the manufacturer's production process. When the product does not have the production technology, naturally will let the product work harmony degree to drop somewhat, some appears when using the unstable phenomenon, naturally such product also has the very good life.

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