What is the difference between a safety padlock and an ordinary padlock?


1. Different in nature 1. Safety padlock: It is a kind […]

1. Different in nature

1. Safety padlock: It is a kind of safety locks. Safety locks China TSA Key Locks Suppliersare usually divided into safety padlocks, electrical switch locks, electrical plug locks, circuit breaker locks, valve locks, steel cable locks, and so on.

2. Ordinary padlock: It is the oldest and largest family in the world of locks. It can be said that other locks are derived from the category of padlocks.
Two, the characteristics are different

1. Safety padlock: Due to the management function, a padlock can be equipped with multiple keys. These keys are divided into multiple types due to different functions and permissions. Usually these keys form the key management system of the safety padlock: the key series that cannot be opened: Each safety padlock has a unique key, and the lock and the lock cannot be mutually opened.

2. Ordinary padlock: stainless steel padlock: this type of padlock is characterized by relatively strong oxidation resistance and is suitable for outdoor use, but due to the difficulty of processing and high cost, it is less used in China. Copper padlock: The main material of the lock is copper, and the more commonly used copper padlocks are mainly small copper padlocks, that is, the size below 40mm, mainly because the price of copper is relatively high.

Three, the application is different

1. Safety padlocks: Usually safety padlocks are used together with other safety locks. Safety padlocks can be used alone, but other safety locks cannot. Therefore, safety padlocks are widely used and the market demand is also very large.

2. Ordinary padlock: When unlocking, insert the smart key into the bottom lock hole. After the smart key emits a beep, turn it 90 degrees clockwise, and the lock beam will open; the smart key automatically records the unlocking time, place, and person.

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