What is the difference between super b-class lock cylinder and c-class lock cylinder?


The editor understands that it is not so easy for Class […]

The editor understands that it is not so easy for Class B locks. In other words, the more complex the lock cylinder, the longer it takes to unlock. The security doors of most households on the market are Class B locks. Class B locks are currently a relatively high level of safety. From the key, they are generally double-sided and double-row bullet slots. There is also a blade or curve next to it. The design standard for such a lock cylinder is to open for more than 280 minutes and skillfully unlock The work will take a long time, unless we conduct destructive demolition to open it. Therefore, it has a certain anti-theft effect from the B level.

  Second, the difference between b-level anti-theft lock cylinder and c-level lock cylinder

   Anti-theft door lock core level: The anti-theft door lock cores used in the market are basically divided into three levels, namely A-level, B-level, and super-B level (also known as C-level). According to the "National Standard for Mechanical Locks", the anti-theft door lock cylinder has two levels, A and B. The super B level is an enhanced version of B level additionally developed by entrepreneurs. However, it is generally believed that the current A-class anti-theft lock keys on the market are mainly flat keys and cross keys. The internal structure of the A-level lock cylinder is very simple, limited to the changes of the marbles, and the marble grooves are few and shallow. Anti-technical opening time within 1 minute, the mutual opening rate is extremely high. The marble structure is a single row of marbles or a cross lock.


 Class B lock: Class B lock key is a flat key with double rows of marble slots. The difference from Class A lock is that there is a row of curved and irregular lines on the key surface. There are three main types of lock cylinders, computer double-row lock cylinders, double-row crescent lock cylinders, and double-sided blade lock cylinders. The anti-technical opening time is within 5 minutes, and the mutual opening rate is high. With a strong twisting tool, the lock cylinder can be opened within 1 minute.Cheap Steel Trailer Locks factory

C-level lock: C-level lock is also called super-B-level lock. The key shape is a single-sided blade internally milled or externally milled key, and the lock cylinder type is a side column lock cylinder; it cannot be opened technically after 270 minutes, and the regional mutual opening rate Is zero (one sixteen millionth). The pinball structure is locked by double-row blades and V-shaped side posts; if the lock cylinder is opened with a strong twisting tool, the inside of the lock cylinder will be destroyed, self-explosive and locked, making it impossible to open.

The difference between the b-level lock cylinder and the c-level lock cylinder, the above is the editor to introduce to you the special and the difference between the b-level lock cylinder and the c-level lock cylinder. Of course, each lock has its own characteristics, so choose the right lock correctly. The food is cost-effective. It depends on how the user chooses. It is best to give you a suggestion, because we are used to pushing the door directly. In fact, this is not good for the life of the door. Try to use the handle to rotate the door to open and close. This is not easy to happen. Collision is a better habit.

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