What is the traceability of the lock?


The ancient lock is a historical witness. In ancient ti […]

The ancient lock is a historical witness. In ancient times, intelligent humans had known to wrap their valuables in animal skins, bound them with ropes, and tied special knots at the final opening. The knot can only be pulled apart with a tool called "bone file". Knots and bone files are the prototype of locks and keys.
  According to the data, the earliest lock made of wood can only be used as a symbolic lock. The metal lock of our country first appeared in the Han Dynasty, and was a reed structure lock. The Ming and Qing dynasties were the heyday of ancient locks, mainly copper and iron. In the 1950s, low-cost low-weld hook locks, blade locks, and billiard locks successively entered the Chinese market, and Chinese ancient locks have since withdrawn from the stage of history. Through the vicissitudes of ancient locks, you can appreciate the profound history and culture of China.China Brass Key Padlocks company
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  Collection of ancient locks by collectors is not measured by quantity. The ancient locks in China are made by handicrafts. The exquisite artistic shapes of the ancient locks and the profound folk culture behind them are one of the important reasons for attracting collectors’ collections.


   Some collectors traveled from north to south, bought antique locks in antique shops, or studied ancient locks in border settlements of ethnic minorities in border areas. Some collectors have to buy back a lot of ancient locks of uneven quality and then go through the painful process of picking sand and picking gold.
  Zhou Yongsheng, a fan of ancient locks in Guangzhou, has collected a large number of ancient locks of various sizes and shapes. "Putting attention to materiality is necessary for collection. The collection has reached the level of ecstasy, and the specific quantity of the collection has not been remembered." Zou Yongsheng said. He likes to put the ancient locks with good style, personality and characteristics "under the umbrella". Open the boxes where he put ancient locks one after another. The ancient locks with various shapes are dazzling. There are strong round locks, semi-circular locks, rectangular locks, and octagonal bronze carved locks that are as soft as ancient rouge boxes, showing beautiful streamlined gourd locks. The homonym is "Fulu lock", full of meaning . The three-dimensional shapes of dogs, horses, and monkeys in the zodiac lock come to life; in the animal locks, the shrimp-shaped lock is hooked with a key, and the fish-shaped lock is to be pushed open.
  The shape of ancient locks is mostly fish-shaped. It is said in the workshop that fish is not looking at night, even if it is sleeping, it is still open. There are two trading modes of China Antiques Network: 1. Buyers and sellers negotiate privately in private; 2. The seller and the buyer guarantee the transaction through the China Antiques Network. This website does not bear any responsibility for users who trade privately. China Antiques Reminder: In order to protect your interests, we recommend that you guarantee transactions through China Antiques. The essence of the operation of the secured transaction is that China Antiques Network serves as an intermediary for the transfer of goods and payments, and provides a service that allows both buyers and sellers to rest assured that the transfer of money. The specific transaction methods are as follows: 1. The buyer quotes the collection through "I want to pick up the leak" or "I want to quote" on the collection page. Please fill in the receiving address when quoting, and facilitate the seller to ship the goods after the transaction is concluded; 2. The seller will receive a letter from someone who offers a quote, and then enter the "your management center-buyer's quotation" to view the quotation. If the seller is satisfied with the buyer's quotation, please click "Agree", if not satisfied, click "disagree" ; 3. After the seller agrees, he can go to the "sold collection" to view the order, the buyer will also receive the seller's consent to the internal letter, and can enter the "buy collection" to view the order; 4. After the buyer pays to the website, the website will inform the seller of the shipment via the website (this website only has a way to notify via the website letter of the sender: any other form of notification is invalid); 5. After receiving the notice from the station, the seller can enter the corresponding order of the "sold collection" to view the buyer's address and deliver the goods. After the delivery, the seller will proceed to the corresponding order of the "sold collection" "Confirm delivery" operation; 6. After the buyer is satisfied with the receipt, please go to the corresponding order of the "collected collection" to perform the "receipt confirmation" operation. This website will immediately lend to the seller (this website charges a 3% handling fee after the collection is completed). If the buyer is not satisfied with the receipt, the goods can be returned within 7 days after receipt. Please go to the corresponding order of "Purchased Collection" to perform the "return application" operation. Regardless of whether the buyer has received the receipt confirmation within 15 days after the seller shipped, the website will automatically help the buyer to confirm the receipt operation; you can also manually extend the automatic receipt confirmation time, if there are other special circumstances, please contact the website customer service; 7. After the seller receives the return, please go to the corresponding order of the "sold collection" to perform the "receive the return" operation, then the collection can be put back on the shelf for sale, and this website will immediately refund the buyer.

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