What is TSA code lock?


TSA stands for U.S. Transportation Security Administrat […]

TSA stands for U.S. Transportation Security Administration, which means US Transportation Security Administration. TSA lock, called customs lock, also commonly known as closed lock, also known as TSA certification lock.
TSA Customs Lock refers to the US Customs' safety inspection of transshipment baggage goods and transportation customs supervision goods. It is necessary to ensure the security of the goods in the transportation process and use the universal universal universal TSA special keys of international customs. Beginning in January 2003, TSA requires that all baggage entering the U.S. airport must be opened for inspection. At the same time, TSA issued a warning: Unless a TSA-certified lock is used, the checked baggage must either be unlocked or the customs authority has the right to pry open the damage Checked luggage locks;
There are two ways to open the TSA customs lock: one is the key provided with the lock itself or a password set by the consumer, and the other is a customs-specific key. The customs has a TSA unlock key (the bottom of the TSA lock has Indicate the corresponding key number);
TSA locks can also be used in more than 40 countries and regions outside the United States.

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