What should be done to the safety lock surface?


What should be done to the safety lock China TSA Key Lo […]

What should be done to the safety lock China TSA Key Locks Supplierssurface? Shared by safety padlocks supplier.

In the production process of safety lock, the surface also needs to be treated. If the surface treatment is not in place, which proves that it is not of better quality, then what needs to be done to the surface of the lock? The first is coloring, because there are a lot of locks need to meet the requirements of eye-catching, in different use environment, need to make it to reach the corresponding warning, and this also needs to color it, only in this way, will make it to achieve better requirements, so this is very important.

Again, mainly in its surface, also need to have some graphics and text processing, under different circumstances, will inevitably carry out some aspects of graphics and text display, not only play a mutual warning, but also play the corresponding operation tips. So also need to deal with aspects of it, and for the whole picture and text processing must meet the corresponding standards, if it can not meet the corresponding requirements, it is difficult to let users have their own satisfaction, so relatively speaking, this is also more important, but this also needs to see what kind of manufacturer.

In addition to the above mentioned, in the production of custom security brand padlocks, it also needs to be galvanized on the surface. Because in the production environment, there is its own uncertainty, some have a certain degree of corrosion, if it is not to carry out aspects of the treatment, it is difficult to let it in use when a good life. Therefore, surface treatment in this aspect is also very important, but different manufacturers will have different treatment performance, and some manufacturers are difficult to achieve the corresponding quality in the treatment, so users can hardly have better satisfaction in the use process, so users need to choose the manufacturer.

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