Do you know the five uses of locks?


1. Entry door lock: also called anti-theft lock. The en […]

1. Entry door lock: also called anti-theft lock. The entrance door is the door of every family and the watershed outside the home. It must have a special bai function, that is, it can play the role of insurance and safety. The entrance is generally composed of two doors: an iron door and a main door (usually a wooden door). For iron gates, both sides must be locked, commonly known as double-headed locks.


Commonly used are multi-safety door locks and mortise steel door locks. When choosing, the distance between the two doors should not be less than 80mm (8 cm). Otherwise, the distance between the two doors (due to the handle of the lock) is not long enough to be closed at the same time and it will not be able to prevent theft. The wooden door of the main door is generally equipped with a large handle lock, which can play a beautiful role.

2. Door lock in the room: generally refers to the bedroom lock. There is an insurance function in the room. Use the key to open the handle lock or ball lock1/2" Stainless Steel Trailer Hitch Lock with the same function outside the room.

3. Bathroom door lock: Its characteristic is that it can lock the door on the inside, with an emergency opening device on the outside, and has red and green displays, or a small handle lock with "occupied" and "unmanned" displays or a ball lock with the same function .

4. Kitchen and passage lock: it only plays the role of door handle and windproof, without insurance function. It is also suitable for storage rooms and children's rooms.

5. The bride uses the "twelve zodiac" lock on the dowry box when she gets married; the folks use the "Fu Lu Shou Xi" lock when making birthdays; the long life lock, the household lock, and the money lock are used to celebrate the birthday of the child.

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