Does it matter if the cabin has no customs lock?


The cabin bag bai recommends the use of customs locksCh […]

The cabin bag bai recommends the use of customs locksChina Stainless Hitch Pin Locks Suppliers.

Suitcases usually only used outside the country need to be locked by customs. The customs will open the suitcase and enter the Zhuan line for inspection.



If there is no TSA customs lock, the customs will not be able to open suitcases with a universal customs lock dedicated to Haishu customs. The suitcase will then be inspected by a customs inspector and the lock on the suitcase will be forcibly unlocked.

There are two ways to open the customs lock: one is the key provided by the lock itself or the password set by the consumer; the other is the customs private key. The customs inspector has the customs lock and unlocking key in his hand. Be very careful when opening luggage inspection to ensure safety, and re-lock the luggage after the inspection.

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