Manufacturing method of anti-sabotage mechanism of turntable code lock


There is a rotary disc combination lock, which can not […]

There is a rotary disc combination lock, which can not only accommodate small items, but also lock the door with a lock hook. For example, the Chinese Patent Publication No.  "The Positioning Structure of a Code Disc" discloses such a lock structure. This type of combination lock includes a lock shell, a combination lock assembly located in the lock shell and partially exposed on the surface of the lock shell, and a lock box that is inserted into the lock shell. The combination lock assembly adopts a disc structure, which includes a lower end fixed The lock core rod in the lock box, the multiple code discs sleeved on the lock core rod, and the code ring corresponding to the code disc. There is a clutch structure between the code disc and the code ring, and the code disc is partially exposed in the window of the lock shell , For users to operate.


The lock box is used to place small items. The lockChina TSA Key Locks Manufacturers box is inserted into the lock shell through the socket at the lower part of the lock shell, and the lock box is locked in the lock shell through a locking mechanism. When the combination lock is opened, the locking mechanism is unlocked, and the lock box will fall from the socket of the lock shell so that the user can take the small items placed in the lock box. Because the small items wanted by the thief are placed in the lock box, the lock box is easily attacked by the thief. For this reason, the applicant has also installed an inner lining body in the lock box, such as the patent of China Patent Authorization Announcement Number CN202611350U The structure disclosed in the literature can significantly improve the strength of the lock box. In addition, as disclosed in the patent document of the Chinese Patent Authorization Announcement No. CN203856283U, the introduction part structure is added to the lock shell, which can increase the strength of the combination of the lock box and the lock shell, and make the combination lock safer to use.

Technical realization elements:

The technical problem to be solved by the utility model is to provide an anti-sabotage mechanism for the turntable code lock with low cost and the same safe use based on the current state of the art.

The technical solution adopted by the present utility model to solve the above technical problems is: an anti-vandal mechanism of a rotary disc code lock, comprising a lock shell, a code lock assembly located in the lock shell, and a lock box. The lower part of the lock shell has a supply A socket inserted into the mouth of the lock box, the lock box is fixed to the lower end of the lock cylinder rod in the combination lock assembly, and is characterized in that: the inner wall of the socket is provided with stoppers distributed in the circumferential direction, and the stop A gap is formed between the inner walls of the socket for insertion of the edge of the mouth of the lock box.

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