"Gate Culture" of Ancient Chinese Architecture-A Symbol of Status


The door is a sign of the status of master in the old s […]

The door is a sign of the status of master in the old society. Divided into the Palace Gate, Guangliang Gate, Jinzhu Gate, Ruyi Gate, Manzi Gate, etc.

Gate of the Palace
The palace gate is the highest grade among the house-style gates. There are usually five rooms with three doors and three rooms with two doorsCylinder For Door Locks Manufacturers. This kind of gate is located on the middle line of the Wang's House, magnificent.

The gate of the palace is the highest level among the house-style gates, but there are also different levels in the palace, because according to the enfeoffment system of the Qing Dynasty to the clan, there are a total of 14 levels. Correspondingly, the palaces assigned to these princes It is also divided into Prince’s Mansion, Junwang Mansion, Baylor Mansion, Beizi Mansion, Zhen Guo Gong Mansion, Fu Guo Gong Mansion, etc. These palaces also have their own regulations in terms of building scale and shape. Their gates are recorded according to the "Dai Qing Huidian": The Prince's Mansion Gate consists of five rooms, which can open the three in the center, the roof can be covered with green glazed tiles, the roof can be surrounded by beasts, and the door nails on the gate are made of nine rows and seven columns. A total of 63. There are three gates of the prefectural palace, and the central one can be opened. The nails on the gate are reduced by two-sevenths than the gates of the prince’s palace, that is, there are 45 in nine rows and five columns. There are usually stone lions in front of the gates of the palace, one male and one male, and they are arranged on both sides of the gate to boost their power. Directly in front of the door, there is a shadow wall standing across the street as a counterpart to the door. The large-scale and more particular palace, its gate does not directly face the street, but has a courtyard in front of the gate. In front of the courtyard, there is an inverted house along the street, and there is another called "Asi Gate" on both sides. Side door,

Guangliang Gate
Second only to the palace gate, it is a major form of house-style gate, which is generally located at the southeast corner of the house and occupies a room. Its important feature is that Fangshan has a central pillar and a wooden hug frame on the central pillar with a vermilion lacquer gate inside the frame; there is a half-room space in front of the door, with all beams exposed, so it is called "Guangliang Gate". The door leaf is located at the position of the central pillar, dividing the door into two evenly. Plaques are hung on the four door hairpins, the friezes are mounted on the eaves purlins on the front eaves pillars, and the upside down friezes are mounted on the back eaves pillars. The high-level door building can expose beams, purlins, and columns. There is a half-room space outside the door, which can be guarded by four guards on both sides to show the noble level of the door. The bird and the three clouds attached to it are not only decorative but also a symbol of the master's official quality.

The gates of Guangliang are mostly inhabited by officials of a certain level. The color and decoration of the gates are subject to strict restrictions. In general, no gorgeous color paintings are applied, only appropriate decorations. Some Guangliang gates have two anti-eight-character shadow walls (also known as Pishan Yingbi) on both sides of the gable wall, forming a small square in front of the gate, which shows the style of Guangliang gate.

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