One of the suitcase customs lock TSA007 is locked, how to crack the password?


The easiest way: Find a good place to light the bai lin […]

The easiest way:

Find a good place to light the bai line (or use a flashlight for du), and look at the iron piece under the zhi wheel for the password.

You will find a small dao gap, turn all three gaps to the left, and then subtract three (five) from each number to the left, which is the password.

Another method is:

Point the wheel of the lock box at a place with strong light.

Looking in from the gap of each runner, slowly turning the runner.

You can see that there are two depressions on the runner. Adding 5 to the big depression is the code for this runner. For example, if the recesses of the three wheels are on top of 240, then its password is 795 (2+5=7, 4+5=9, 0+5=5).



or it could be:
First, adjust all three digits to zero.

Hold down the button with one hand and use a little force to move it away, then use the other hand to adjust the first digit of the password, which is the one closest to the button, and try digits one by one.

Don't be afraid of trouble, when your number is adjusted correctly, the hand holding the button will feel the button has a certain displacement, and then start to adjust the next number.

Until the three digits are adjusted, the button will automatically turn on. I don’t know if you understand it.China Brass Key Padlocks Factory

There are three types of code locks:

Ordinary code lock, TSA key lock, TSA code lock

Ordinary combination lock:

The initial password is 000. Press and hold the unlock switch in the 000 state to change the password. When you change the password, you will hear a "da" sound. Let go after making changes. The password is changed successfully.

TSA key lock: Equipped with 2 keys, the trolley box can be opened and closed with the key.

TSA code lock:

The initial password is 000. In the 000 state, toggle the black pull buckle on the lock body, and the 2 buckles will pop out immediately.

Find a small black hole on the side of the lock body, push it in with a small thing to start, and then adjust your own password.

Flip the black buckle on the lock body again. Congratulations, the setting is successful.

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