Does the key contain lead, what composition, and what proportion?


An American dao medical research institution published […]

An American dao medical research institution published an article warning that common keys contain lead, which can cause lead poisoning in children during normal dao contact. Generally speaking, 98% of brass keys are copper or other metals. Adding 2% lead can easily be cast into various shapes.

SoMost key blanks contain lead, whether they are brass blanks or aluminum blanksTSA small brass luggage padlock with brass key lock. In order to reduce the black finger of the key, it is a good way to wrap the end of the key with plastic or rubber products, which can reduce the pollution of lead opponents.

Some clothing metal zippers use copper-lead alloy or aluminum-lead alloy, especially the small handle of the zipper, some of which contain high lead. Not long ago, a Jiangsu company exported clothing to the European Union and was returned only because the zipper contained too much lead, causing millions of dollars in damage.
Therefore, parents who choose clothing with metal zippers for their children should teach their children not to bite the small zipper handles and wash their hands before handling food.

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