How about the smart door lock?


Smart door locks are a new generation of electronic loc […]

Smart door locks are a new generation of electronic locks. They are more technological than the previous combination locks, electronic locks, and credit card locks, and can be described as a major replacement for mechanical door locks. The smart door locks we are talking about now most often refer to smart door locks used in residential anti-theft doors. This type of home smart door lock consists of two parts. Small), a panel and electronic parts (the core part of the smart door lock).
What about smart door locks? I think this should be analyzed from three aspects.

(1) How convenient is it? The convenience of smart door locks is the biggest driving force for everyone to buy smart door locks. At present, there are several basic ways to open smart door locks: fingerprints, passwords, keys, cards, and mobile phones. Some also have face recognition, iris, and finger veins. Under normal circumstances, we only need to swipe a fingerprint or enter a password to enter and exit the house. There is no need to carry a key, so it is very convenient.
Smart door lock allows everyone to enter the house without a key

For the elderly, the disabled, and the patient, it is also convenient to use a card to unlock, which is also more convenient, and mobile phones such as WeChat dynamic codes, remote unlocking, etc. will have certain needs.

(2) How safe is it. Since smart door locks are different from other smart products, they also involve the security of home property and freedom of entry and exit, so safety is particularly important and can be said to be the basic requirement for smart door locks. The current smart door locks are mostly made of alloy materials, and some are made of copper, steel, or plastic. Metals are generally relatively sturdy. The fingerprint unlocking uses a semiconductor biometric fingerprint head, so it is not easy for people to copy fingerprints. The password also has a dummy password to prevent peeping. Multi-purpose IC cards are not easily broken. It also has riot alarm functions. It can be said that security is guaranteed.
(3) What is the price? Price is an important factor affecting everyone's consumption, but it is worth noting that in the past few years, the price of smart door locks has also gradually decreased, and various gradient price ranges have been formed in the market. For consumers, smart door locks that are not too cheap cannot be purchased, but smart door locks that are too expensive are not suitable. For ordinary homes, I think the smart door lock (about 2,000 yuan) is enough.Small Brass Key Locks Manufacturers
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