How to open the padlock?


1. Select a clip. The clip is generally a paper clip fo […]

1. Select a clip. The clip is generally a paper clip for paper clips. The steel wire on this clip is thin enough and the hardness is better. According to the size of the lock, select the appropriate thickness and length of the book clip wire.brass key padlock
2. Remove the wire from the book holder, first twist the wire straight with pliers, twist one end of the wire to an angle of 135 degrees, and the length of the twist angle is about five millimeters, which can be adjusted appropriately according to the size of the lock.
3. Twist the other end of the wire to a 90-degree angle. The length of the wire is not limited. It is convenient to pull the wire by hand when unlocking.
4. After the wire is finished, insert it into the lock core along the direction of the keyhole, and insert it deeply near the narrow side until you feel it is inserted to the end. Judgement criteria for inserting to the end: After inserting to the end, you can gently twist the wire and feel the sound of the spring in the lock.
5. After inserting the wire, twist the wire against the direction of unlocking. If the spring inside the lock is just turned, the padlock tongue will shrink with the spring and the lock will be opened.

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