What is the principle of magnetic lock valve


It is composed of a spring, a lock head, and a valve bo […]

It is composed of a spring, a lock head, and a valve body. The valve lock can be put on the valve at will, but it cannot be taken off at random.

It is characterized in that four spring holes are provided at equal intervals on the side of the lock head, and there is a magnet against the

inside. Spring of ball (ball);

Align the letter "C" on the key with the "C" on the magnetic lock cover and insert it on the lock head. Then, the magnetic ball corresponding toCheap Steel Trailer Locks Suppliers

the lock head is fixed on the end of the key abutting the lock head. A rotary valve sleeve is arranged at the upper end of the valve stem to

match the valve hole opened at the lower part of the lock head. Press the magnetic lock lightly with your hand, the magnetic lock can be opened

by light lifting, and then the valve can be operated. Just insert the magnetic lock on the valve when closing.
The so-called magnetic lock valve is controlled by the magnetic force to open and close the closing member in the valve. It is a magnetic lock.

Generally used on some important, special positions and functions of the valve to prevent the valve from being used by any switch. Without any

gaps, anti-blocking, waterproof, anti-corrosion, easy to use; deeply affected by water supply, heating, gas, solar water heaters, etc.

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