How to open the "one word lock"?


This type of lock has a maximum of 6 marbles, the diame […]

This type of lock has a maximum of 6 marbles, the diameter of the marble is very thick, and the eye of the lock cylinder is narrow. The strong opening tool is therefore processed very thinly, with a sacrifice in hardness, but the probability of opening is still high as long as the method is properly performed. The flat lock tool has spring teeth on it, (it has a great effect) When you insert the Duo Qiang tool into the lock cylinder, do not directly twist it with force, you should first brush in the direction of opening or back up or down Shaking a few times will surely solve the problem of 2 to 3 marbles being able to return to the normal position, and the remaining 2 to 3 marbles will be successfully opened by the rigidity of the hard opening tool.China Steel Trailer Locks Manufacturers

Opening a straight lock is actually relatively simple. In addition to using a multi-purpose key, you can also use some tools. Wire is a good choice, but it is more difficult to open with a wire. Mortal locksmiths have a special open lock. The single hook is much easier to open with this tool.
Compared to the single hook. The mortal version of locksmith also has another kind of tin foil opening tool. Using this tool can almost achieve second opening, and the skilled master can open the lock in a few seconds.

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