Requirements for selection of intelligent electric control lock


In addition to the monitoring, access control, alarm an […]

In addition to the monitoring, access control, alarm and other technical defense facilities commonly used at present, intelligent electronically controlled security must also combine a combination of air defense and physical defense.China Cheap TSA Password Padlocks Suppliers


The key to air defense is to rely on a security team with excellent quality and a perfect management system. Physical defense needs to have strong and durable perimeter facilities, gate control facilities, etc. Relative to electric locks, from the perspective of the fixed asset investment of the building, the early budget and later maintenance of electric lock hardware products must also be fully considered; from the perspective of building fire protection design, it must be ensured that the selected products can be guaranteed to the maximum extent in emergency The rapid evacuation of personnel; from the perspective of the decoration of the building, the beauty of the product or the application of the product that is subject to the overall style of the building is also very critical;

     From the perspective of different functional applications of intelligent buildings, the functional requirements for building hardware or electric locks are also different. Based on this, you must consider the structure, function, style, fire protection, security level and other factors of the construction project when selecting intelligent building electric lock products, and select the most suitable product solution to recommend to the owner.

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