How to remove the lock core of the security door and change it by yourself?


1. You need to prepare the tools du, hammer, screwdrive […]

1. You need to prepare the tools du, hammer, screwdriver, and lock core products to be replaced first. Make Zhuan use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws of the anti-theft door handle, and then unscrew the screws at both ends of the lock Cylinder For Door Locks Manufacturerscylinder. After all of them are unscrewed, the lock cap can be removed.

2. After the above operations are completed, you can remove the lock cylinder. If you still can't remove it, you need to tap the periphery of the lock cylinder with a hammer until the lock cylinder can be removed.
3. After the old lock core is removed, the new lock core can be installed. First, insert the safety bolt back and install the handle in place. During operation, people can grab the outer handle to facilitate accurate and tight installation. Turn the handle so that the screws must be aligned with the position before they can be tightened.
4. The installation screw needs to be aligned with the door hole. If it is not vertical, you can shake the screw to find the corresponding position quickly. After installation, the replacement of the lock core is almost complete. After screwing the door accessories, you need to check whether the lock opens smoothly and whether the screws are tightened. If it cannot be used, you need to reinstall it.

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