What should I do if the world lock of the security door cannot be locked?


The world bai lock5/8-Inch Pin Diameter Hitch Lock of t […]

The world bai lock5/8-Inch Pin Diameter Hitch Lock of the anti-theft door cannot be locked. The solution:
The key is locked regardless of the world. Now the lock of the anti-theft door Zhuan is mainly divided into three parts. The handle is the part that the outermost hand holds. After removing the handle.


The part where the key is inserted is called the lock cylinder. That is the part you need to replace. An iron square box connected to the lock core. Called the lock body. That is the part of the tongue on the side of the door. You can replace it yourself. Lower the 2 screws on the handle. See for yourself how it was installed.

It's simple. Then there is an iron cover on the lock cylinder. Down. (Note that when you put on the iron cover, you can't tighten the screw. Loosen it, or it will rub the lock cylinder.) Then there is a screw connecting the lock cylinder on the side of the door to the lock cylinder. open. The lock cylinder can be taken out.

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