Knowledge Of The Padlock


TSA Key Locks Manufacturers to share with you: accordin […]

TSA Key Locks Manufacturers to share with you: according to the width of the lock body to determine the size of the lock, according to the height of the lock beam to determine the purpose of the lock, according to the padlock straight open, horizontal open, top open, double open and other opening methods to determine the lock series.

We commonly used padlocks are generally open straight, horizontal open two ways to open. When the key inserts key groove of lock core namely, need not rotate the lock that can pull up to open, call "top open lock", this kind of padlock is applicable especially to the person that embrace baby or carry the person that should not put article to open use.So-called "double open padlock" it is to point to need two keys to work when open, the lock that can open, its confidential performance is strong, apply to need two people to keep, two people arrive at the occasion that open lock at the same time, be like storehouse, silver storehouse.

In addition to the classification of1/2"and 5/8" Hitches Stainless Steel Lockaccording to the mode of opening (straight open, horizontal open, top open, double open), we can also be classified according to the internal structure of it, the common are the following:

1, pin structure padlock: this kind of lock USES cylindrical pin to set obstacles in the lock core, so that the lock core can not rotate, to achieve the role of locking.Pin structure is also one of the commonly used structures of locks.The lock body of a kind of lock is superimposed with metal pieces to give a person the feeling of thick and solid, called "thousand layer lock", but its inner structure is also a pin structure, so also belongs to the pin structure padlock.

2, leaf structure padlock: this kind of lock USES the sheet metal of different shapes to act as an obstacle, to play the purpose of locking, zinc alloy or its word alloy lock often USES this kind of structure.

3 padlock, magnetic structure: according to principle of magnetic repelling each used the magnetic lock system, between the lock slot and insurance pin is equipped with a same magnetic plate as the key to constant magnetic metal diaphragm, keys do not contact directly with insurance pin, when there is no slot key smoothly into magnetic lock groove rotates, key touch the metal plate, have very strong repulsive force, will open locks easily.In addition, also use the principle of magnetic absorption, the metal plate suction, open the lock by spring.

4, interlocking structure padlock: by the main lock and secondary lock composition, primary and secondary lock mutual protection.Connect two secondary locks to lock the primary lock. Only after opening and removing two secondary locks can the primary lock be opened.

5, number structure padlock: in the lock body shell device of a skateboard mechanism, its hole and groove are connected, can move and rotate, number plate and rotary, rotary is equipped with tooth or cam-shaped metal blade, can rotate and move, as long as the number, the lock can open itself, this kind of lock does not have a key.

How do I open a padlock?

General padlocks have a lock center, lock center in addition to the key hole, there are several round holes, these several round holes and the lock body on a few round holes, which can put a spring and two different height of copper marbles.When the key is inserted, the two marbles are mounted at different heights due to the different teeth. If the boundary of the two marbles in all the holes is exactly the same height as the circumference of the lock center, the lock center can be rotated in the lock body, and then the lock is opened.That's how a regular padlock works.

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