How can I get a small metal key?


I am curious about your question. Are you building some […]

I am curious about your question. Are you building something? Do you have a lock, and you need a key? Or, do you just need a key, because you want to build a lock? Some people just like keys, because a key can mean so many many things. Many people can build a key, but what is your definition of a key? You can have tiny ornate metal keys, made of silver and gold, or brass. Brass keys require more care, and responsibility. You can make a steel key, but it will not have a very long life without careful storage. Sometimes, a keyChina wholesale small brass key locks Suppliers does not even look like a key, and it itself is a secret, and no one knows what it really is. There is also stainless steel, which could last a thousand years if made correctly. What does your question mean?

If you can answer those, then I can give you an answer. Please be honest.

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