What can I do if something valuable is missing from my checked bag with TSA locks?


As others have noted, you’d have to file a claim - I’d […]

As others have noted, you’d have to file a claim - I’d probably go to the airline rather than TSA, but that’s just me.

What I did not see in the other answers….

You need to notice what’s missing and file a report or claim before you leave the airport. The very few times I’ve filed a claim for missing or damaged items I was told that nobody would even consider a claim made after leaving the airport because there are so many fraudulent claims.Mini Aluminum TSA Locks
And you need to document that the item(s) in question were actually in your luggage and (if you’re claiming something was broken) that it was undamaged when you put it in the luggage. Again - too much fraud for the airlines or TSA to just take your word for it.

Unfortunately, there are a LOT of people who try to scam the airlines or the government. As a result, they’ve put precautions in place - precautions that make things much more difficult for those who have legitimate problems. I’ve just given up on filing claims to be honest. I’ve also given up on the TSA locks - they’re too easy to defeat and they only serve to suggest that the bag has something worth protecting.

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