What is the meaning of lock


There are many locks in life-door locks, car locks, dra […]

There are many locks in life-door locks, car locks, drawer locks, diary locks, soul locks, desire locks, etc.pink Luggage Lock Solid Brass
Because of the lock, we have our own territory. Sometimes, we lose the broader world beyond the lock. Sometimes, we are outside the lock and envy the advantage and superiority of the person in the lock; sometimes, we are in the lock, but envy the freedom and magnanimity of the outsider.
We have been dealing with such locks all our lives. We have to open the locks of knowledge one after another to get a diploma; we have to open the locks of skill after another to find a job; we have to open the locks of heart to gain friendship ; We have to open a handful of time locks to realize the true meaning of life... The process of life is actually the process of constantly unlocking. We are always on the road to unlocking. After a lock is opened, new locks follow one after another. Coming, never ending. In the end, everyone is a lock, and often they can’t open themselves.
When we regard the lock as a treasure, we have a rich spiritual storehouse; when we regard the lock as a possession, we lock the way to the future.
Many people have been pursuing more locks throughout their lives. In many cases, this lock represents people's honor, status, wealth and value. Therefore, someone willing to be a slave to the lock will be locked up and imprisoned for a lifetime. The greedy person has exhausted his life and "locked" countless gold, houses, cars, and women, trying to claim everything for himself, only to find that he was also locked up.
However, life cannot be without locks. If we lock in despicableness, we will be noble; if we lock in ugliness, we will have beauty; if we lock in dirty, we will have purity; if we lock in greed, we will have indifference; if we lock in falsehood, we will have sincerity; if we lock in intrigue, we will You have a frank and magnanimous. But we must not lock justice, conscience and freedom, and our dreams of seeking peace, otherwise, our lives will only be rusty.
If there is a lock, there is a key. Sesame opens the door "is the key", which opens the door to the mythological treasure house; integrity, hard work, kindness, friendship and dedication are the keys, and the door it opens leads to the true happiness of life.

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