What does tsa mean in teaching?


TSA locks, called customs locks, also commonly known as […]

TSA locks, called customs locks, also commonly known as customs locks, are also called TSA certified locks. TSA customs lock means that the customs conducts safety inspections on transit baggage goods and transported customs-supervised goods, which must be guaranteedPadlock Lock for lockers gym bags briefcases

The safety of the goods in the transportation process adopts the universal TSA special key of international customs. (4) The customs mark of the TSA lock: there must be a red on both sides of the lock.

As long as the customs sees that sign, the customs knows to use the key to open the lock (the corresponding key number is indicated on the bottom of the lock), and will not pry and damage; (5) TSA strictly trains

Train customs inspectors to be very careful to ensure safety when opening baggage inspection, and re-lock the baggage after inspection; (6) TSA lock application scope: TSA lock outside the United States 40

Many countries and regions can also use it.

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