Top 3 Types of Luggage Lock Systems


When you need to have access to your home, car or offic […]

When you need to have access to your home, car or office with the peace of mind that you have a quality piece of security equipment in place, a TSA Key Lock is what you need. A TSA approved locking system is one that meets strict requirements by federal aviation security officials. If you want maximum security, don't be fooled by lesser products. A quality, high-quality locking system will provide the security you need and deserve for your home, car or office.

Features: All TSA approved locking devices are designed by a company that has been certified by TSA. A strong, heavy duty lock must withstand years of use, including years of being passed through airport security. Unique, double-sided lock operates by putting the soft, double braided steel cable across your zipper pullers and through the metal deadbolt on the bottom of your door. Then, the locking cylinder is fitted with tamper resistant, four-way key pads that provide a high degree of security against any possible attempt by a burglar to open your locked door.

Safety Features: An important feature found in all TSA combination locks are tamper resistant key pads. The tamper resistant keypad protects against being removed, as well as from being scratched or broken. This feature helps ensure that your safe place stays secure at all times. There are also several convenient features to help keep you safe and secure such as "set dials". With set dials, you can program the locking features to different numbers in order to vary your level of security.

Tamper Resistant Locks: A double-sided steel cable is used on all tsa key locks to prevent tampering and opening. One side of the double-sided steel cable has an activated locking cylinder, while the other side has a non-activated locking cylinder. As soon as the security code is detected by the activated locking cylinder, an audible alarm will sound. The alarm will continue to sound until the locked object is opened. To add even more security, the alarm will sound again if the thief attempts to open the door with a key to the padlock, or if another security code is detected.

Key Pad Technology: TSA approved luggage locks feature tamper resistant key pads that meet or exceed the requirements of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). These highly sophisticated key pads offer high levels of security against any attempts to open them. Each keypad is assigned a single unique reference number that cannot be duplicated. The reference number is stored on a database that is secured and maintained by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). The database is updated monthly and can even be programmed to automatically lock all of the locks within a building (including airplane and train terminals) once the specified expiration date has passed. The cost of these exceptionally secure luggage locks is greatly reduced when compared to the cost of purchasing and replacing them with traditional keypads.

Zipper Pullers & Locks: TSA locks and zipper pullers are both highly effective in securing the contents of your carry-on bags and checked luggage. Both devices use sophisticated locking mechanisms that rely on a non-latch, closed-circuit mechanism to prevent access by intruders. When combined with a smart lock, you can add additional protection for your personal property. Zipper pullers are designed to be tamper resistant and are available in both left and right-handed models. This ensures that your personal belongings remain safe and secure even while traveling.

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