What is a wheel lock?


The wheel lock is made of full steel plate, with many f […]

The wheel lock is made of full steel plate, with many features such as anti-violence, anti-technical opening, anti-disassembly of the wheel, anti-copy key, etc. It can conveniently and firmly lock the tires in violation of regulations, thus effectively preventing the vehicles from violating the regulations from punishing. One person can operate independently, which provides great convenience to the law enforcement of the managementChina Steel Trailer Locks Manufacturers department. It is a polite and effective control measure by traffic management departments and properties for illegal parking. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of stable performance, wide car locking range, safe and reasonable design, small expenses, and no need for the road management department to spend a lot of money to purchase and use trailers. .

Wheel lock performance:

1. Anti-shear and anti-saw, high-strength precision steel forging, it is difficult to destroy the lock with the strongest shear and saw.
2. Clamp the wheel housing and integrate it with the internal vehicle. If the car lock is violently damaged, it will trigger the original vehicle's built-in alarm system to issue an alarm.
3. The specially-made crank, even if the first-level special-shaped lock is destroyed, can not break through the spiral fixed clamp arm. The appearance of the lock body is more deterrent than the lock inside the car, which can stop the thief itself and prevent the possibility of theft outside the car.
4. The left and right clamp arms are double-layer protective rubber and rubber ring, which will not damage the locked tires.
5. Easy to use, it takes 10-15 seconds to lock / unlock, convenient and fast. And the short and solid lock body can be placed at will in the car without occupying a special floor.
6. If the vehicle is forcibly moved when the needle is punctured, the steel needle will pierce the tire to prevent the vehicle from being forcibly driven.

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