What is the difference between Golden Dot Atomic Padlock 33 series and 32 series?


Of course it is the yuma bai lock. It is the top du bra […]

Of course it is the yuma bai lock. It is the top du brand of Chinese locks. There are also advertisements on TV %D%A yuma lock zhi lock cylinder, which intersects and locks the upper and lower bullet holes of traditional marble dao locks. The principle is changed to the method that the shrapnel is changed by the angle of rotation, and the locking principle is locked by an integral key, which changes the method of locking the traditional marbles separately and avoids dislocation and liquid blockage.



If you want to open the lock, you must gather the keyways of all its shrapnels at the pit of the lock core at one time, and arrange them into a line-shaped keyway, so that the keys can move inward, and you can break through the technical opening.



Mechanical keys are set on both sides and keyway locking is the only device to prevent twisting in the mechanical transmission. The lock cylinder is also equipped with a keyless twist setting, and the key of the lock can be rotated 360 degrees at will when inserted into the key hole, but the lock is not opened. Among the anti-theft locks in the world today, this lock structure is evaluated from every perspective of anti-technical opening, anti-destructive tools, process production, good anti-theft performance, and investor interests. Yuema locks are a leading trend. New structure product to replace traditional pin lock

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