• Spherical door lock

    Spherical door lock

    Spherical door lock: The inner and outer handles (lock handles) are spherical, and are used for door locks installed on wooden doors, steel doors, aluminum alloy doors, and plastic doors.China Cheap TSA Password Padlocks Factory The products are divided into marble ball locks and blade ball locks ac... read more

    Mar 26,2020 News
  • Iron lock structure

    Iron lock structure

    General lock structures such as ordinary door locks, sliding door locks, cross-type door locks, etc., although their style, structure, and size are different, but the principle of unlocking is completely the same. As the saying goes: "Everything is inseparable!" The reason why these locks are unlock... read more

    Apr 03,2020 News
  • How to unlock with plastic sheet

    How to unlock with plastic sheet

    General wooden door, iron door. Anti-theft door is difficult. Opening method is inserted from the bottom of the door and pulled upwards. After touching the lock tongue, slowly pull out a bit and then insert it in position. It is best to spray a little oil before insertion. If it is a general pin loc... read more

    Apr 11,2020 News
  • What is the hole on the bottom of a padlock for?

    What is the hole on the bottom of a padlock for?

    It could be for lubrication – an opening to get some oil to parts of the mechanism that are otherwise inaccessible.China Small Brass Key Locks Factory   Most frequently, these are there to allow water that somehow got into the lock to drain. If the lock is used outdoors, it's pretty likely to g... read more

    Apr 17,2020 News
  • What is a wheel lock?

    What is a wheel lock?

    The wheel lock is made of full steel plate, with many features such as anti-violence, anti-technical opening, anti-disassembly of the wheel, anti-copy key, etc. It can conveniently and firmly lock the tires in violation of regulations, thus effectively preventing the vehicles from violating the regu... read more

    Apr 24,2020 News
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